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Interview with Prime Ape Got The Blues

Music has the ability to connect people in a very powerful way. It is the meeting place for melody and creativity that allows us to express ourselves in an endless variety of emotion. Today, it’s allowed me to conduct an interview with Prime Ape Got The Blues from across the globe. The duo (N for [...]

Interview with Schizo and the Personalities

Being an intern at Ol’ Roy Records is a tough job. After returning from my vacation in Vancouver where I got “sangria” drunk with Daryl Hayward, I got to meet the Vibonics! Now I’m here in the studio watching Abstract record a client who is killin’ it in the both. In between partying with amazing [...]

Elicit Interview

Hey everybody Tonzo’ here. I got an opportunity to interview Ol’ Roy record’s Elicit a few days ago and want to share it with you guys. Tonzo’: So, how long have you been rapping for? Elicit: Well I started writing music in 1998 and it was at least three years after I started writing that [...]

Daryl Hayward Interview with Tonzo’

Hey Ol’ Roy fans. Tonzo’ here wanting to share this video that the Ol’ Roy team as well as myself made. This is a video of me interviewing acoustic guitarist, Daryl Hayward. The two of us talk about his life as a musician, his memories as a child, and his inspiration as an artist. Be [...]

Abstract Artform in Rogue Magazine

Hey everybody, gearing up for Canadian Music Week, Abstract Artform has done an interview with Rogue Magazine for models and music. Read the interview below. CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and Rogue Magazine’s Hearing Aid . How Are You? Abstract Artform: I’m well thanks [...]