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Generationz Crew CD Release Show!

Generationz Crew CD Release Show!

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up It’s the First of the Month! HAPPY AUGUST 1st! Look out Hip Hop fans, Ol’ Roy Records will be hosting a CD Release party September 22 for Generationz Crew! The Generationz Crew is a group of 3 talented teenagers who refuse to be ignored. They are dedicated to making [...]

Last Day

Hey everyone it’s Tonzo’ here. I am writing this to let everyone know that this is my last day interning at Ol’ Roy before summer. I have to thank Abstract and the Ol’Roy team for showing me a great deal about the industry and music. I will still be working with Abstract over the summer, [...]

Tonzo’s Recap

Hey Everybody Tonzo’ here wanting to share with you what I’ve done as well as what I’ve learned over the last 6 months here at Ol’ Roy. One of the First things I’ve learned here at Ol’ Roy is how to create marketing plans, one pagers, and press releases for albums. I also got to [...]

Daryl Hayward Interview with Tonzo’

Hey Ol’ Roy fans. Tonzo’ here wanting to share this video that the Ol’ Roy team as well as myself made. This is a video of me interviewing acoustic guitarist, Daryl Hayward. The two of us talk about his life as a musician, his memories as a child, and his inspiration as an artist. Be [...]

Rack City Remix – Generationz Crew

Hey everybody it’s Tonzo’. Just wanted to share this funny music video my group made that my group made. The song is a remix of Tyga’s Rack City. We decided to remix it into a song about Winnipeg and being broke. We decided to make the video funny as a way to show our nerdy/ [...]

I’m Back

Hey What’s up guys it’s Tonzo’. I hope everyone had a good holidays and is looking forward to an exciting new year. During the holidays I hung out with family in Toronto (Brampton to be more specific)and watched some NBA games. But now I am back from Toronto and am looking forward to working more [...]

Who is Tonzo’?

Who is Tonzo’?

Hey guys it’s Tonzo’ here, and I thought It’d be a good idea to tell you guys a little about myself. I was born in Toronto Ontario and moved to Winnipeg at about 7. I listened to hip-hop literally since I was in diapers but I started writing it at 7 when I got here. [...]