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The Scene magazine reviews Abstract Artform at Indie Week

The Scene magazine reviews Abstract Artform at Indie Week

Abstract Artform – Indie Week 2012 Who:Abstract Artform From: Winnipeg, MB Preformed: 9:30pm- Oct 11,2012 – The El Mocambo (downstairs) Editor’s note: Look out these boys are raising stars! Pre-show hype: Abstract Artform’s latest effort “As the Crow Flies” produced by Juno-nominated producer Fresh Kils, has some great tracks. We were excited to see what [...]

Interview with Indie Round Table

Wanna give a quick shout out to Indie Round Table, we really respect what they’re doing and admire their role in giving a voice to up and coming music all across Canada. Speaking of up and comers, here is their interview with Ol’ Roy’s own Abstract Artform.

Cue – On the Road Again

So if you guys haven’t already heard, Cue will be releasing one new single every month. Here’s Cues first single called “On the Road Again,” a song about touring and traveling with his band. If you enjoy this song be sure to check out Cues free mix tape .

Cue – Your Beats, Your Problem

Cue – Your Beats, Your Problem

Cue – real name Justin – was born, raised, and still resides in Peg City (Winnipeg) Manitoba, Canada. He grew up in the North End of the city and now lives in the West End. He is continuing to development and continues to improve in his music. Cue’s music is a product of what he [...]

New Single: Doubt

“Doubt is the name of the game. You can doubt the man, but don’t doubt his plan.” In today’s pressure to be what society as a whole considers “in”, it is no wonder so many people have insecurity issues, anxiety, and a whole slew of other “conditions”. Is it really a condition or is it [...]

New single “Days Like This” – Cue

DAYS LIKE THIS CUE FT ABSTRACT ARTFORM Cue 07/15/2011 Once I heard this instrumental, coupled with that ridiculously dope and slightly raw hookline, I was in! Sold. Love at first sight and have my babies type of beat. I only kid, or do I? Abstract was set to feature this joint (which is always dope) [...]

New download – Feel Good Music

value=”http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F17592173″> FEEL GOOD MUSIC ABSTRACT ARTFORM ft. CUE, D-RAIL, CHERRIE GUNN, BISHOP, KWE (PRODUCED BY ABSTRACT ARTFORM) Sometimes all it takes is a good BBQ to get things going. This new joint was recorded not long ago after a night of some great eats. We had the BBQ running and the beer was cold. It [...]