Abstract Artform

  Follow Abstract Artform: Official Site: International Songwriting Competition finalists Abstract Artform are making a name for themselves in a very loud way. What started as a solo MC/Producer act, Abstract Artform has since evolved into one of Canada’s most energetic hip-hop groups. Covering multiple genres including the above mentioned hip-hop and funk along [...]


Daryl Hayward

  Follow Daryl Hayward: Two years after being born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Daryl and his mother hit the number one highway and moved to Winnipeg. For most of his pre-adult life, he grew up in Anola and Pine Ridge Trailer Park. His father sent him an acoustic guitar when he was thirteen and he [...]



Follow Elicit: Who are you? An artist from the City of Vancouver, creating music for over 10 years and growing up around music Mike Vermette aka Elicit is an all around artist with a good live show and music to spur the senses. What does your music sound like? Elicit Music sounds like no one [...]


Prime Ape Got The Blues

Follow Prime Ape Got The Blues: Prime Ape Got the Blues second full-length album titled ”Invite the Devil In” was released on December 24th, 2010, and is available for free stream or free mp3 download – only. “Invite the Devil In” is the product of two theme-based EPs that never saw the light of day, [...]



RELIC aka REL McCoy – Emcee, Producer, D.J., Singer/songwriter, Engineer… Lover of all that is Hip Hop.. “ Fighting with the shadows been a hassle for me letting my past go / I ain’t looking back to the sad road / I’m burning my hands on the rope, holding my future with a lasso / plus, it’s [...]


The Mighty Rhino

“I’m a legend, y’all know I’m a legend… and after what I saw, I’m here to tell you Rhino is a legend too.” -Jeru The Damaja “I’ve only ever seen one performer who could compare to him, and that’s Supernatural. Next to Supernatural, that dude is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen anything [...]


Doodlebug (Digable Planets)

Follow Ceeknowledge the Doodlebug: “Doodlebug of the legendary 90’s Hip Hop group Digable Planets will release an album project entitled Doodlebug Feat DOR – “Futuristic Sci-Fi” on September 27th via Soulspazm/Fatbeats Records. “Futuristic Sci-Fi” is a collaboration with his tour DJ and producer DJ Alex J. of DOR. The album features guest appearances from Blame [...]


Tiffany Ponce

Follow Tiffany Ponce: Official Site: Tiffany Ponce is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Influences from the “old school” R&B music of the ’80s and ’90s mixed with fresh, unique sounds are what create Tiffany’s captivating, wide-ranging style. Lyrically, Tiffany writes and sings about everything from the ups and downs of love to [...]


Schizo & The Personalities

Follow Schizo & The Personalities: “Just like the persona that the provocative lyrics depict, Schizo’s hip hop sound is unashamedly promiscuous to the bone. “Too Cool for Love” is the name of the recently released debut album and it showcases song and rap over music that sounds like some kind of crazy mix between rock’n’roll, [...]


Flo Soul

Follow Flo: Official Website: Flo is a Canadian R & B phenomenon from Winnipeg, Manitoba, She’s graced the stage at many a festival and concert with the likes of Boys II Men, 112, Burton Cummings and this May, will open for superstar songstress, Lauryn Hill. Flo was born to shine. Without hearing her sing [...]



Eclecticism is becoming less and less of a notable quality amongst music fans. Take a look at your own iPod. Chances are you’ve got a pretty wide range of music on there – Rihanna’s latest single, a few choice Led Zeppelin tunes, the latest Clipse mixtape, and maybe even a mash-up of all three kicking [...]



Follow Cue: What does you music sound like? Me What are your influences? Honest and entertaining hip hop from all genres old school new school and everything in b etween Favorite alcoholic drink? For beer Labatt blue. Whiskey for hard. What’s your relation to Ol’ Roy? He’s a deer friend of mine  

Generationz Crew

Young, old school, talented, energetic, and charismatic, all different ways people have described the Generationz crew. In other words, the Generationz Crew is Ready For Fame. The Ready For Fame album is the demo introducing the Generationz crew. The songs show their passion for old school hip hop, their belief for activism, their climb to [...]

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