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OlRoyRecords.com started with one song. That song was written by Abstract Artform. That song became an album. And that album became a studio. That studio became a place where artists could gather, record music and produce art they felt inspired to make without any interference from anyone else in the business. That’s when it became a label. Soon we began offering services to other artists just like us, welcoming them onto our label and collaborating towards their success. And that – is when Ol’ Roy Records became a family.  Using the figurehead of Ol’ Roy himself (the deer that hangs in the studio booth) he stands for everything we are in the music industry.




Without further ado…….. 

Welcome to OlRoyRecords.com. We are an artist run community of musicians and producers who are dedicated to bringing music to fans around the world.  And we are here to help you.

Here are some of the services that we offer:


Hip-Hop/Pop/Rap/Electronica Instrumentals
Radio, TV and Online Media Production
Sound Design
Video Production

Marketing and Consulting
Artist Start-ups
Grant Writing
Marketing Plans
Graphic Design

Hi there! I’m Abstract Artform, owner of OlRoyRecords.com, thank you for visiting our site and considering our services. I have always found music to be a source of strength and inspiration.. This site is a way for me to pass that along to you.

Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list and join us on all our social networks. We want to hear from you and engage with you about music and life in general! I truly hope you enjoy the site and take some time to learn about brand new artists from all over the world. Welcome to OlRoyRecords.com!


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