OlRoyRecords.com has arrived at CMW 2013!

   airport  This morning I left for Toronto on AC 258 for Canadian Music Week.  The timing worked out well since it snowed about seven inches the night before. Last year around this time it was +21 degrees apparently. This year, it’s closer to around -20 degrees. Today marks my second year heading out to Canadian Music Week and unfortunately the first festival in a long time that I have travelled without the band.  This time I’m flying solo.  For the showcase this year, in lieu of the band not being able to make it, I’ve invited Che Ruban and Blackboltt of 1812 Entertainment and OlRoyRecords.com to join me. This year we are pleased to present DJ Vekked on the tables backing us up, DMC runner up 2011 from Toronto.  Be sure to scope out his set while we perform on the 21st.

     This year our showcase is at Comfort Zone, 480 Spadina, Toronto ON., Canadian Music Week wristbands can be purchased for $10.00. Keep up-to-date with my travels over the next week here on the blog, as well as on Twitter (twitter.com/abstractartform) and Facebook (facebook.com/abstractartform).

     To book me for interviews or shows while I am at Canadian Music Week please email me here.cmw_abstractartform_2013_1

  Aside from the showcase I will be linking up with several artists in regards to new songs and collaborations. We will be finalizing the video and cover art to the new Hustlebood track. If you haven’t heard what Hustleblood is… let me let you in on a little secret.  Last time I was in Toronto we gathered up five of Canada’s finest MC’s and brought them together in the studio to create a comic book themed power group named Hustleblood.  The group consists of Abstract Artform, Relic, More or Les, Blackboltt and The Mighty Rhino. Can’t wait to get this project out to you guys!!   Also I hope to link with the homies Philly Moves as well as Crosswords from Vibonics  to get on some new joints. I recently finished a new instrumental that I didn’t put up on Home Brew and set aside to use for Crossword and myself, it’s a fairly deep joint.

Another meeting that will be taking place is with the big homie Thrust. Thrust is featured on Doodlebug and Abstract Artform’s Living Proof record and is known for his famous verse on the track “Northern Touch” from the Rascalz.  Him and I are gonna chop it up and chat about the track – hopefully I’ll be grabbing his verse while I am out. Not only that but we have also contacted Red1 of the Rascalz so hopefully we can get him on the joint too! HIP-HOP HISTORY!!

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